Submissions are currently CLOSED and will open again on March 31st for our Home issue.

With each submission, please include a brief cover letter explaining how your submission(s) directly connect to the theme, your full or pen name, a 3-4 sentence third-person bio, and your social media handles. We ask for first serial rights to accepted works, but your rights will return to you once the issue is released. We WILL NOT consider or respond to any work that does not explicitly align with the theme. If your work is rejected, we will recommend other literary magazines that might be a better home.

This is a GOOD VIBES ONLY space; we're not afraid of the dark, but we refuse to stay there. Anything you submit should end on a note of love or light, whatever that means to you. (We want to leave readers better than how we found them).

Our response time is anywhere between a few days to a few weeks, but no longer than a month. For $10, you can receive an expedited response in 5-business days to your work. You can also request feedback for $0.03 a word. Feel free to submit a new piece if your work is rejected or follow up if you haven't heard from me after three weeks. 

The best memoirs explore identity, whether it's through the lens of culture, spirituality, sexuality, family, etc. They also bring people and places to life with dialogue, powerful verbs, and vivid imagery. 

Submit no more than one piece of memoir up to 3,000 words as a .doc or .docx to

Give us a peek into your imagination with an evocative flash fiction piece. There are no limits to how bizarre you can be!

Submit no more than one piece of flash up to 1,000 words as a .doc or .docx to

Play with shape, tone, words, and moods with a piece of poetry. We welcome all emotions: sad, mad, happy, confused — whatever! This is a safe space to feel.

Submit 1-5 poems at a time, with each poem on a new page as a .doc or .docx to

Have something to say, but want to use shapes and colors instead of words? We'll take it. We accept paintings, drawings, photography, collages, and graphically designed pieces. 

Submit 1-5 high quality image files to Please size it to A5 dimensions (5.82 in. x 8.26 in.), either landscape or portrait orientation. We may choose all pieces or just some.